What?  Add this to my bucket list?  Yup, you really need to get these new Husky products from The Home Depot.  I have always kept my tools in either a drawer in my tool cabinet, or in a toolbox.  You know, the toolbox you can’t close because all the tools aren’t in the perfect alignment to close the lid.  So, the other day I saw this new twist on an old product.   A bucket.  A bucket?  Yes, Husky has made a tool storage solution that will fit on any standard 5 gal bucket, and you can’t imagine how many tools this thing will hold.  


You start by getting a 5 gal bucket, (I got a new one cause it just looks nicer) then you put the Husky Bucket Jockey around the rim of the bucket.  You can get one of these for less than $10 at your nearest Home Depot or online.  (Installation note: once you put the Bucket Jockey on, pull the handle up because the Jacket will cover the handle if you don’t) 


I gave one of these to my Home Improvement Contractor friend and he couldn’t believe how many tools he could store in a  simple bucket.  He has three of them now, one for electrical repairs, one for drywall repairs, and one for everything else.  He can now just carry three buckets with all of his tools so he doesn’t have to rummage through his toolbox in the back of his truck. 

Now, you have over 70 different tools you can store in this one Bucket Jockey and the best thing is you can see them all at one time.  Really, how many times have you fumbled through your “toolbox” looking for tools?  With this Bucket Jockey you don’t have to do that.  The Bucket Jockey has pockets small enough to hold drill bits and screwdriver bits securely, pockets big enough to hold a cordless drill, and anything in between.  Not to mention the whole inside of the bucket to hold things like extension cords and caulk guns.

The second item you need to add to the “Bucket List” is the Husky Bucket Seat Organizer. Again, you can get one of these at Home Depot for less than $10.


This organizer fits perfectly over the Bucket Jockey and it gives you a lid for the bucket, plus 6 divider compartments to hold screws, nails, wire nuts, or any of the other smaller items you might want to keep with you.  The Bucket Seat Organizer also can be used for a seat when you need to take a break.  (Not that you ever take a break)  Now, shhhh, I’m not sure OSHA would approve of this, and it is not an approved use of the Bucket Seat Organizer, but I use it for a small step stool too, it’s that strong. 


The last item I got was this Rolling Tool Tote


Did you get that?  I said rolling.  This tote is huge measuring 18”x9”x17” and its made of 600 Denier Spun Tuff® Heavy Duty Water-Resistant Material.   In DIY language; you can’t hurt this tote or the material it’s made of.  It has a telescoping handle and the wheels are big enough to navigate gravel, grass, and any smooth surface of course.  I use this to now hold all of my cordless tools, batteries, and chargers.  It’s that big!


 You also get 7 pockets on the inside, 11 external pockets, and two external clips to hold measuring tapes.  This tote is awesome. 

So get out your “Bucket List” , go to The Home Depot, and add the Husky Bucket Jockey, the Husky Bucket Seat Organizer, and the Husky Large Rolling Tote to your tool arsenal.


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