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If you’re a regular ToolCrib viewer, you may notice we have a brand new website design. We partnered with Jonathan Carone of CaroneDesigns to freshen up the site and make things easier for you. Whenever you read a blog post, you’ll see a section to the right that says, “Get your tools here.” Underneath that […]

Many people choose circular saws + guides for big rips. They’re great, actually, especially for cutting down sheet goods. But what about ripping big boards into multiple thin, precise strips? Well, that puts you in table saw territory buddy. This plan collection will have you cutting skinny strips like a pro.

Though my math muscles still ache from the workout I gave them calculating how many years visitors spent on the site in 2009, I busted out my maths again for this compilation :) You guys kept our servers hopping last year – here are the non-plan posts that got the most visitors… (If you […]