The Tool Crib

My wife and I dropped by the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft during our recent Thanksgiving visit. I’m lucky she brought her camera – otherwise I would have not been able to share these exquisitely crafted wooden clocks by Lexington, KY woodworker Keith Chambers of Woodwerks.

Rings are always mentioned when it comes to power tool safety – in that list of things NOT to wear in the shop. Along with long hair, dangling necklaces and long sleeves, rings can get caught in the machinery and cause you serious physical harm. That said, the LOYL (love of your life) may cause […]

In addition to our recent vendor additions so you can find the best price on the tools you need, we have also launched a Power Tool Personal Shopping Service for contractors with large orders or shopping lists, and organizations that buy with POs. will find you the lowest prices on power tools by cross […]

…You can’t find it at… you have to click Do a search for your favorite tools… you’ll notice quite a few differences in the results :D Tell us what you think by commenting this post or emailing Garrett:> Team

I wrote to Bosch recently with 5 questions about their tool reconditioning process. I hope their answers help you to make more educated decisions about Bosch reconditioned power tools! 1) What is a “certified factory reconditioned tool”? A certified factory reconditioned tool has been through a complete inspection by factory trained technicians at the Robert […]

Sometimes you send us questions like this: “I’m interested in making a stand for my fish tank and I would like a tool that allows screws to be drill into the wood at an angle. This tool makes the holes and it appears very common in cabinet making.” I’m better with words than with wood […]