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If you’re a regular ToolCrib viewer, you may notice we have a brand new website design. We partnered with Jonathan Carone of CaroneDesigns to freshen up the site and make things easier for you. Whenever you read a blog post, you’ll see a section to the right that says, “Get your tools here.” Underneath that […]

These wood sculptures by artist David C Roy really took my breath away… here’s a video of one he called “Spectrum” (for some reason these videos aren’t playing for me on my computer… they play fine in YouTube though so here’s a link to David C Roy in YouTube.) Here’s how he describes his process […]

Don’t let your chain saw watch this video… he won’t come out of the shed for shame. This is a video of John Deere’s 1270D Wheeled Harvester that I found over at WoodNet. Apparently the thing has computer functionality too: “The harvester comes fully equipped with a John Deere processing head combined with a powerful […]