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If you’re a regular ToolCrib viewer, you may notice we have a brand new website design. We partnered with Jonathan Carone of CaroneDesigns to freshen up the site and make things easier for you. Whenever you read a blog post, you’ll see a section to the right that says, “Get your tools here.” Underneath that […]

KnotScott recently found a great thread at SawMillCreek: Buying Lumber Online that discussed good sources for wood on the internet. The Creekers made some online store recommendations and it got me wondering if woodworkers at other forums had any recommendations to make… After wearing Google out, we found 10 forum threads that discussed the best […]

Does your dog “assist” you in the shop? If so you’re not alone. A recent pet thread at WoodNet revealed the habits of many woodworkers who own dogs. The thread started with a simple question: “How do your shop critters respond to machines?” Some interesting attitudes and patterns emerged over the 100+ replies in this […]

Hi gang! Knotscott here to share some recent woodworking forum discussions. As a regular on forums like,,,,,,,,,, and, I get the chance to see quite a few interesting threads. I’ve picked out a few recent highlights that might offer some points of interest for […]

Most power tools come in heavy, protective blow molded plastic cases. Like this one: Woodnetter devildog1024 stirred up a whole mess of conversatin’ when he asked: “What do you do with your power tool cases? I have a dozen stacking up in my shop. Throw them out or keep them?”

Edge jointing with a router – like edge jointing with a table saw – is another common method for making jointable edges without a jointer (…check out our 8″ jointer comparison if you’re considering the purchase). Planing with a jointer – a tedious but do-able process – is a lesser-recommended technique for finishing the faces […]

An insightful thread at FamilyWoodworking really got my wheels turning in regards to magazine tool reviews: Whats your view on Magazine Tool Reviews please vote in the poll. For the record, 61% of the Family does believe that woodworking magazine reviews have credibility while 32% do NOT (at the time I posted this). >> 5 […]

Finding just the right work height for your bench and your power tools can make your time in the shop even more enjoyable. A recent post in WoodNet – The optimum height of a woodworker – got me hard at work copying and pasting smart ideas and methods from WoodNetters. I found six formulas there, […]