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If you’re a regular ToolCrib viewer, you may notice we have a brand new website design. We partnered with Jonathan Carone of CaroneDesigns to freshen up the site and make things easier for you. Whenever you read a blog post, you’ll see a section to the right that says, “Get your tools here.” Underneath that […]

What?  Add this to my bucket list?  Yup, you really need to get these new Husky products from The Home Depot.  I have always kept my tools in either a drawer in my tool cabinet, or in a toolbox.  You know, the toolbox you can’t close because all the tools aren’t in the perfect alignment […]

New Husky Tools from Home Depot Can you reinvent the wheel? Maybe not, but you can make a better wheel. That’s what we found when we went to Home Depot the other day. I have a drawer full of different types of pliers, the same ones you have I’m sure, but they are all different […]

The field of plunge routers has some incredibly strong favorites… Especially in the woodworking forums! We dug through plunge router discussions at six different woodworking forums to help shed some light on the “best plunge router” out there. We’ve covered trim routers before in the Top 16 Trim Routers, so that leaves us with fixed […]

I became a true SawStop fanboy the day I watched inventor Steve Gass stick his finger into the blade of one of his creations. I recently learned about their upcoming release of the SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw (PCS), targeting the slightly-sub $3k price point. So join me in fanboy worship as I provide a brief […]

I’m a big fan of tracks and circ saws… for me it all started with EurekaZone, and the moment I discovered that woodworking doesn’t always require a table saw. The success of EurekaZone and Festool’s TS 55 has brought DeWalt and Makita into the market. When there’s more competition, everyone wins… In this track saw […]