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Milling rough stock into usable lumber typically separates the handy-folk from the woodworkers. The jointer makes further milling possible by giving you a perfectly flat face and edge. Once you have a true “flatness” point for departure you can then continue milling your board to the right thickness. And even though we recommend a 6″ […]

An insightful thread at FamilyWoodworking really got my wheels turning in regards to magazine tool reviews: Whats your view on Magazine Tool Reviews please vote in the poll. For the record, 61% of the Family does believe that woodworking magazine reviews have credibility while 32% do NOT (at the time I posted this). >> 5 […]

Not only do trim routers remain popular with woodworkers for functionality, but their relatively low price keeps them moving off the shelves. To find the top 10 trim routers we gathered up all the trim router reviews and recommendations by professionals, hobbyists from around the web. >> Trim Routers: the What, When and Why >> […]

Hybrid table saws remain a popular category with woodworkers seeking more power and versatility than contractor and benchtop table saws. To find the top 10 we gathered hybrid table saw tests, reviews and recommendations of professionals and hobbyists from the leading woodworking publications and forums. Here’s what you’ll find in this article: What is a […]