Wow! Check out this wood-glue and dowel machine created by a 70 year old woodworker! Your jaw’s gonna drop. Parts of it he patterned after a flyball or centrifugal governor.

He built the whole thing so it would be easy to take apart (!!!) and out of various types of hard wood. It even has threaded screws and nuts. I guess we can add this device to the list of things to do with your wood cut offs :D

According to Del in the video: “It was quite a chore to figure out how to build it.”

From the fellow who posted the video: “An intricate hand-cranked machine made entirely of wood and glue (no metal or other materials). It was designed and built by my friend Del, using many different woods and incorporating a variety of mechanical motions. He has made several other wooden machines, but calls this latest one his crowning achievement. Del is 70 years old.”

I spotted this at BoingBoing.