If you’re just getting started shopping for a 14 inch band saw the choices can be overwhelming… I’ve read of woodworkers who spent over a year doing their 14 inch bandsaw research. And with good reason – these puppies can cost well over $1000 (though you can get a SOLID 14 inch for $500 and lower). To help you make your purchase decision I researched woodworkers’ and expert reviewers opinions on 14 inch bandsaws in 30+ different articles and forum threads.

Twelve 14 inch bandsaws made it onto the list, and they’re ranked below based on the number of “votes” or purchase recommendations I found. I also linked out to notable reviews for each machine. I did not do any pricing research, and the prices written below may not be in line with current prices on the sites I link to.

Before proceeding I have to quote woodnetter Jokerbird: “Few people regret having a bandsaw that is a bit too big or a bit too powerful.” Before dropping cash on a great 14 incher consider going up to 17 if your woodworking future could possibly require accommodation for big resawing projects.

The Top Twelve 14 Inch Bandsaws:
Here goes ;) Please add your comments at the bottom if you’d had good or bad experiences with any of these machines.

1) Grizzly G0555: 17 Votes

$395 at Amazon >>

Notable G0555 Reviews:
“This bear is a sound performer at a bargain price. Fit and finish overall are good, blade changes are easy, and the fence is high quality. The saw did fine in all of the cutting tests.”
Thomas McKenna of FineWoodworking (on G0555x) >>
4 out of 5 stars in LumberJocks review >>
Amazon Customer Reviews of the Grizzly G0555 (NOT included in our votes)
Ranked 4th of 8 by Fine Woodworking Readers (PDF)

2) Rikon 10-325 14-Inch Deluxe Bandsaw: 15 Votes

$895 at ToolCenter >>

Notable 10-325 reviews:
“…it dropped in the rankings of our test because of its overly complicated and poorly machined guide mechanisms. Still, it had the most resaw capacity of those we tested and had a good quality of cut.”
Thomas McKenna in Fine Woodworking on the Rikon
5 out of 5 stars in Lumber Jocks review >>
Ranked 3rd of 8 by Fine Woodworking Readers (PDF)
The $800 half pint of finish- Rikon BS Gloat (Likes and Dislikes + good story/gloat)

3) Powermatic PWBS-14CS 1791216K: 6 Votes

$1199.99 at Amazon >>

Notable PWBS-14CS Reviews:
“It ranked high for performance among its cast-iron brethren, but the wheels were misaligned by more than 1/8 in. on the machine we tested.”
Thomas McKenna of Fine Woodworking on the Powermatic
Ranked 2nd of 8 by Fine Woodworking Readers (PDF)
POWERMATIC PWBS-14 Bandsaw Recommended by Tom Hintz >>
Tom Hintz on video about the PM

A “top 3” 14 inch band saw at 3luxe

4) 14″ Craftsman Bandsaw 22401: 5 Votes

$499 at Sears >>

5) Laguna LT14SE: 3 Votes

$1595 at Amazon >>

Notable LT14SE Reviews:
“Fit and finish are excellent with large knobs to adjust tension and tracking, though the table could use a bit more width to the right of the blade. The machine does not have a tension scale, so you have to test the blade tension using a gauge or your finger.”
Thomas McKenna of Fine Woodworking >>
ranked #1 of 8 by Tools of the Trade expert >>
Rated a top 3 band saw by 3luxe >>
Best Overall Choice + Readers’ 1st Choice in Fine Woodworking (PDF)

6) Grizzly G0457 14″ Deluxe: 3 Votes

$825 at Amazon >>

Notable G0457 Reviews:
WoodNet Tool Review – Grizzly G0457 14″ Deluxe Bandsaw >>
“Dust collection works well, though installing a blade is tough. The tension is easy to set and adjust, with an intuitive quick-release mechanism. The tracking knobs are a good size. The tall fence included with the saw slides smoothly, locks surely, and is great for resawing. Curve cuts were no problem, and resaw cuts were of fine quality.”
Thomas McKenna of Fine Woodworking on the G0457 >>
8th of 8 by Readers, Awarded Best Value 14 inch bandsaw by Fine Woodworking (PDF)

7) Delta 28-475X: 3 Votes

$899 at Amazon >>

Notable 28-475X Reviews:
“The Delta has plenty of capacity and a large tilting table, but it’s loud and vibration prone and made unsatisfactory resaw cuts. For the most part, fit and finish are poor, and dust collection is subpar.”
Thomas McKenna in Fine Woodworking on the Delta >>
Rated a top 3 band saw by 3luxe >>
got two 5 star reviews in epinions >>

8) JET JWBS-14DX: 3 Votes

$749 at Amazon >>

Notable JWBS-14DX Reviews:
4 out of 5 stars in a Lumber Jocks review >>
Ranked 6th of 8 by Fine Woodworking Readers (PDF)

9) Ridgid BS1400: 2 Votes

$299 (rec) at Amazon >>

Notable BS1400 Reviews:
“The Ridgid BS1400 Band Saw is a fine 14-inch entry-level band saw for hobbyist and weekend woodworkers. However, if you plan to put this model to use in a production wood shop, you’ll likely be disappointed.”
Chris Baylor of About.com on the Rigid >>
awarded the ConsumerGuide Best Buy award >>
4 out of 5 stars in a Lumber Jocks review >>
3 1/2 stars out of 5 in epinions >>

10) Steel City 50100G 14-Inch Deluxe Granite Bandsaw: 2 Votes

$699.99 at ToolKing >>

Notable 50100G Reviews:
5 out of 5 stars in Lumber Jocks review >>

11) Steel City 50100 14-Inch Bandsaw: 2 Votes

$769.99 at ToolKing >>

Notable 50100 Reviews:
“Performance-wise, the saw deftly cut all manner of curves, and resaw cuts were satisfactory. On the downside, the blade guards—both the regular-length guard that comes with the saw and the extra-long version that comes with the accessory riser-block kit—sit unusually low, making it difficult to see the cut line in some cases.”
Thomas McKenna on the Steel City >>
5 out of 5 stars in Lumber Jocks review >>

12) Shop Fox W1706 14″ bandsaw: 2 Votes

$552.99 at Wood & Shop >>

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A note on our “methodology:” I don’t test these tools myself. I read LOTS and LOTS of forum threads, articles, blog posts and review sites to asses “votes.” I consider a vote to be a purchase recommendation, so basically if someone says “I have this tool and I love it” I call that a vote. I’m working on a scoring system to take into account “pro” reviews that will help to provide more purchase decision making help.

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