5 forum threads. 29 types of wood. One champion ;)

I counted up “votes” for favorite wood types in 5 different forum threads from 3 different forums and added them all together for you here. Each forum thread – listed below – has a unique flavor and makes for interesting reading, especially if you’re looking to experiment with new types of wood.

Note – I left out the “whys,” which are as varied as the woods themselves. You will have to read through the threads to get a sense of that.

Favorite Woods for Woodworking:
Cherry 125
Walnut 110
Maple 69
Oak 58
Red Oak 21
Mahogany 12
Ash 8
White Oak 6
Bubinga 6
Cocobolo 5
Free 4
Mesquite 3
Koa 3
Alder 2
Pine 2
Beech 2
Padauk 2
Red Elm 2
Cedar 2
Spalted hackberry 2
Bloodwood 2
Apple 2
Jarrah 2
Macassar Ebony 1
Panga Panga 1
Doug Fir 1
Locust 1
Purpleheart 1
Jatoba 1
Butternut 1

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