Now that you’ve built your picnic table… it’s time to build your kids the ultimate backyard playground! This plan collection will get your kids off the couch and out playing in the fresh air, sunshine and poison ivy of your backyard!

>> 4 Mega Ultra Backyard Awesome Plans
>> 7 Playset/Jungle Gym Plans
>> 5 Backyard Play Equipment Plans
>> 4 See-Saw and Teeter Totter Plans
>> 3 Swingset Plans
>> 2 Tree House Plans
>> 23 More Free Woodworking Plan Collections from

>> 4 Mega Ultra Backyard Awesome Plans
After sorting through almost 100 free plans for backyard play these REALLY stood out. Your backyard will really stand out if you decide to take the time to build any of these bad boys!

2 Story Fort Playhouse

Build a Playground Ferris Wheel Plans

Build a Backhoe Sandbox Toy Plans

Log Cabin Playhouse

>> 7 Playset/Jungle Gym Plans
The core of any backyard playtime has to be the playset, also called the jungle gym. Think of it as the table saw of the backyard ;)

Planning a jungle gym (PDF)

Kids Wooden Playset

Fort and Swing Set


Build a timber play gym

Building a Children’s Play Structure

Play fort plans

>> 5 Backyard Play Equipment Plans
These miscellaneous equipment plans will add some flair and variety to your backyard playground.

PeeWee Commando Course

Building a Balance Beam

Misc. Playground Equipment

Build a Playground Slide

Back Yard Gym That Grows With Child (monkey bars)

>> 4 See-Saw and Teeter Totter Plans
Is it even legal to have a backyard playground without a see saw? Try one of these plans to keep your backyard hopping.

Easy to Build See Saw

Build this Teeter Totter

Kids seesaw project

How to Build a Teeter Totter

>> 3 Swingset Plans
Swings are an absolute must. These free swingset plans will keep your kids soaring until nightfall.


Swing Into Fall with a Tree Swing

How to make A swinging seesaw

>> 2 Tree House Plans
The ever popular tree house – the playset’s only contender for elevated backyard fun.

Treeless Treehouse

How to Build a Treehouse

Build your own treehouse Guide

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