Many woodworkers consider guitars to be the ultimate test of skill. These wise folks often buy their own guitars so they can spend more time on other more attainable woodworking projects ;) If you’re crazy, highly skilled or very very crazy then building your own guitar may just be the perfect path to musical and woodworking nirvana. My hope is that this collection of free guitar plans, guitar building guides, best practice tutorials, and guitar making videos will speed you along to completion!

Here’s what you’ll find:
>> 11 Free Accoustic Guitar Plans
>> Free Electric Guitar Building Resources
>> 2 Cigar Box Guitar Plans + Resources
>> 20 Guitar Building Jigs
>> 6 Guitar Making Forums
>> 6 Guitar Building Calculators
>> 9 More Guitar Building Resources
>> 3 Guitar Plans for Sale Sites
>> 30 More Free Plan Collections by

>> 11 Free Accoustic Guitar Plans
Alright luthiers, let’s get luthing! These free plans for accoustic guitars – while very strong in the “barouque” department (don’t fix if it ain’t) – will have you wondering why you ever thought it’d be cheaper to build a guitar instead of just buying one! Remember, it’s the journey, not the final product that makes it worthwhile.

Build a Woodshop Folk Guitar Plans

This Could Be YOU… seize the dream, build the guitar, get the girls… And YES, we’re still looking for the plans for that haircut.

> Baroque and other Early Guitar Plans:
Most of these come from Makoto Tsuruta’s Japanese/English “Crane” website…

Jose Ramirez (I) Guitar 1909


CRANE Lacote Style model

19th century French style guitar

Guitar 18th century

R.F.Lacote After 1839

Gennaro.Fabricatore (1833)

Stauffer style

La Prevotte Ca. 1820

Planos de la guitarra: Spanish Language plans for a Classical Guitar

> Bonus: Accoustic Bass Guitar Plans (metric)

>Guitar Build Notes, Photo Essays and other Resources
Notes from an Amateur Luthier…. – the queen of amature luthiers. Hands down.

MARK’S GUITAR, PART 1 Guitar Building Walkthrough

MARK’S GUITAR, PART 2 Guitar Building Walkthrough

Mark’s Guitar, Part 3 Guitar Building Walkthrough

How to Build a Guitar – build guide

Search for Guitars in Sketchup

>> Free Electric Guitar Plans and Resources
Get ready to SHRED. You’ll only need a few hundred dollars more in tools and several months of continual woodworking… I know this will make the hard core woodworkers happy, though the hard core guitarists may need something faster, like the cigar box guitars below ;)

I’m not really sure how many of these are proper plans… At the very least you will get lots of ideas for your electric guitar building project!

Build Your Own Electric Guitar!

41 Electric Guitar CAD Drawings

Strat Body Template

Autocad Guitar Templates

Building a Bravewood… (Vintage Guitar Replica)

How to build an electric guitar (or at least my version of it)

Guitar Making Tutorials

> 5 Electric Guitar Building Videos
How to Build an Electric Guitar part 1

How to build an Electric Guitar Part 2

How to build an Electric Guitar Part 3

Build a solid body electric guitar part 1

How to Build a Solid Body Electric guitar Part2

>Eclectic Electric Guitar Building Resources
Stratocaster Neck Blueprint JPG

Logos, Inlays and Body Drawing JPGs

Search for Guitars in Sketchup

Sketchup Guitar Model after Steve Vai’s Guitar in Flames

>> 2 Cigar Box Guitar Plan + Resources
Become popular with your cigar smoking friends and the local cigar shop – take all those extra cigar boxes off their hands! Cigar box guitars are historic, too, according to wikipedia. For those feeling a bit intimidated by the plans above, the cigar box guitar should be a great place to start.

How to Build a Cigar Box Guitar

Cigar Box Guitar for sale on Etsy…’s Guitar Box Guitar Plans (see wide video below…)

> 2 Cigar Box Guitar Videos:
Build a Cigar Box Guitar

Maker Workshop – Cigar Box Guitar on Make: television

>> 20 Guitar Building Jigs
Jigs – they’re not just for dancing anymore. These guitar making jigs save your time and sometimes your tools. This list combines jigs useful for both electric and accoustic guitars.

Neck Carve Jig

Neck Pocket Jig

Making Dished Work Boards

Adjustable Bridge Fitting Jig

Stew Mac’s Rolling Jig

Binding Router Jig

scarf-cutting jig

Soundboard sanding jig

Plans for a jig for cutting a binding ledge

Truss rod routing jig for Dremel router

Building a Brace Arching Jig

Guitar Rib Jacks

Building and Using the Go Bar Deck

Building and Using the Outside Mold

John Maye’s notes on finishing & bending

Low Tech Side Bending: Bending with forms and heating blankets

Bending Ukulele & Guitar Sides

Peter Fox side bending jig

Holstein/Walker Low Cost Side Bender

JC’s Lutherie Jigs

>> 6 Guitar Making Forums
Building a guitar by yourself can be a daunting, frustrating experience without someone to mock you, your power tool brands of choice and the name you gave your dog. That’s what web forums are for! Just kidding – forums can be a great place for answers that no one else will be able to give you. Just make sure you read over their FAQ’s first!

The Musical Instrument Makers Forum

Official Luthier Forums

The 13th Fret

Guitarbuilding Forum

Project Guitar

Luthier and Guitar Building Board

>> 6 Guitar Building Calculators
Get the upper hand on those complex guitar making calculations… with a Guitar Building Calculator! These are – as far as our professional web monkeys could determine – free.

The Neck Geometry Calculator

“FretFind 2-D doesn’t just calculate fret spacing. It models the entire fretboard, strings and frets, as a system of line segments on a two dimensional plane.”

Nut slot spacing calculator

Fret position calculator

Online Fret Calculator

archived Guitar Building Resources, including FretSpecs 3.0

>> 9 More Guitar Building Resources
If you’re just getting started as a luthier then don’t read any of these resources – you will spend entirely too much time book learning instead of learing by doing! Pick a plan and get going already ;)

An anthology of published, unpublished articles & transcriptions written by William R. Cumpiano links for luthiers

Luthierie Resources

Guitar building links

MIMForum Links, Page 1

Acoustic Guitarists’ Annotated Guide to the Internet

Luthiers Interactive of North Texas

Guitar Making Supplies for Sale

The Quest Begins for a Wooden Guitar Hero Controller…

>> 3 Guitar Plans for Sale Sites
When it comes to free plans, you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, the same holds true for paid plans, and you can’t even see them before you buy them! I’m mostly kidding. Anyhow, these links to for-pay guitar plans appear to be highly reputable, though mostly for accoustic guitars. If you know of any other for-pay guitar plan sites that belong here let me know in the comments!

Instrument Plans from Guild of American Luthiers

Other Sources for Instrument Plans from GAL

Plans for Guitar Making

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